Compeer at a Glance

Compeer is flexible.Our programs offer a variety of mentoring opportunities that will fit into any schedule. You can choose the program that best suits your needs. All it takes is a few hours a month, sharing your time, and doing things you already enjoy—movies, music, sporting events, or playing games.

Youth Compeer
The Youth Compeer program serves youth who are At-Risk, or suffering from a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED). Using the power of friendship, our volunteers can help make a difference and change a life in need! Below are the programs offered through Youth Compeer:
Compeer One-to-One
One-to-One friendship is the centerpiece of the Youth Compeer program. Compeer friends meet once a week. The roles of a Compeer volunteer include being supportive, modeling appropriate social behaviors, and advocating for their friend. Sometimes volunteers help their friends accomplish specific goals. What they do together is not as important as just being together.

Lunch Buddies

Lunch Buddies is a school-based mentoring program for children and youth who have displayed emotional or behavioral problems in the classroom. Volunteers meet with their lunch buddy one lunch hour a week, and focus on increasing self-confidence and improving behavior, while decreasing detentions and suspensions.
Youth Outings

Youth Outings are held quarterly throughout the year for youth who are currently participating in Compeer programs, and for those who are on the waiting list for a match. Volunteers interact with youth during these outings and participate in activities. Examples of youth outings include but are not limited to: trips to the zoo, swimming, going to the movies, and other parties.

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