The Lotus House

The Lotus House follows the internationally accredited Clubhouse Model to offer an intentional community for adults living with mental illness to have a place of belonging. Persons engaged in the The Lotus House are not patients or clients, they are members.

We offer a clubhouse where members lead normal and productive lives, contribute to the clubhouse environment and support one another. The space is welcoming, where a member is missed when absent and the community pulls together for support if a person struggles with a setback. Work and other activities in the The Lotus House are designed to empower each member towards a more independent and enriching life on their journey.

The Work-Ordered Day

Pivotal in keeping the day moving at the The Lotus House is the Work-Ordered Day. Members work alongside staff in all functions of running the The Lotus House. This work helps members feel needed, wanted and valued while also allowing members to rediscover who they are as a person. It builds confidence, structure, skills and relationships. The Work-Ordered day parallels the traditional work week to allow members to become familiar with traditional workplace expectations.

Supportive Services

At the The Lotus House members are supported in any area of need related to housing, socialization, employment and wellness. We support all members in being good neighbors, tenants and friends. The personal relationships that are fostered through interaction in the work-ordered day can last a lifetime. Isolation is often the worst symptom a person can struggle with, we want an environment that is welcoming and where a member feels valued.

Work Units

A key part of the The Lotus House is Member / Staff Partnerships. Members and staff work together in all aspects of the club. We currently have 2 work units that members become involved in. Members can choose which unit they would like to join after completing an orientation.
Administration Unit Membership services, tours, referrals, data entry, job development and job searching, housing support, unit maintenance.
Wellness Unit Preparing and serving meals, shopping and meal planning, kitchen and dining clean-up, managing snack bar and thrift store, unit maintenance, promoting wellness activities.
Having employment and earning a living are vital ways for people to be a contributing member of society and in turn engage in recovery efforts. When a member expresses a desire to seek employment or identifies skills they need to enhance to have confidence applying for jobs, we meet that member where they are and provide a sense of empowerment and support through the next steps. Through our employment program we will work with members on job searching, job development, applications and skills building. Members are encouraged, when they are ready, to rejoin the world of competitive employment.

The Lotus House Membership

A clubhouse is first and foremost a community of people who are working together towards a common goal of being part of something important to them. We are more than just a program or a social service agency, the The Lotus House members have ownership in keeping the doors open and inviting. The Lotus House is open to any person who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, is free to join and there are no membership dues.
The completed form may be emailed to or brought in by person to the The Lotus House at 1201 SW Van Buren Topeka, KS 66612

After the referral form is reviewed, you will be contacted by phone by the Administration Unit to arrange an orientation.

If you have specific questions about our program, please call Administration Services at (785) 232-6960.