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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

 Sheena Ward, President
Karlyn McConico, Vice President
Sherri Gibson, Treasurer
Dr. Jasmine Harris, Secretary
Kim Bates, Member
Julie Brainard, Member
Anne Spry, Member
Kelley Cochran, Member
Trae McPherson, Member
Jordan Sternbenz, Member


Steven Robinson, Executive Director
Katie Gibbons, Director Clubhouse

Administrative Staff

Margaret King, Executive Secretary and Payee

Gwen Hay, Finance & Human Resources Coordinator

Kathy Cheatham, Payee Program Director

Brigetta (B.J.) McCune, Payee Assistant

Shelby Van Sickle, Payee Assistant

Kellie Ward, Payee Assistant

Theresa Douthart, Residential Program Manager

Club House Staff

 Leo Hope, Clubhouse Assistant

Christina Soriano, Clubhouse Assistant

Sally Herrera, Clubhouse Assistant

Harold Patterson, Clubhouse Driver

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